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Be it a new property development or existing one, our Residential team provides clients with fully integrated services aiming for optimizing profitability or achieving specific goals. Our services involve positioning or repositioning the product, implementing the right marketing strategies, and fulfilling potential consumers’/occupiers’ needs. The solutions provided are supported and processed through our intelligence services capability that helps maximize the success of our clients’ investment.

Product Development

Defining the right development concept is the first and the most important step of real estate development. Our product development team aims to identify the most marketable and feasible product based on physical, market and financial viability. The team combines research, architecture, marketing, and finance expertise to fulfill all the needs during the process.

In this stage, our services comprise:

  • physical analysis
  • market & competitors analysis
  • financial feasibility study
  • product positioning & identifying competitive advantages
  • development concept guidelines
  • end users requirements
  • architectural design review
  • design concept disciplinary
  • development schedule preparation
  • consultant selections e.g. architects,engineer, construction manager

Marketing Management

Marketing and communication is the link to development accomplishment. Our marketing team aims to create the most effective marketing strategies through utilizing the right marketing media and method. Effective marketing will enhance the perceived value of the property, and the overall performance of the development.

Our services for this stage comprise:

  • marketing strategy
  • identification the key message as the main guideline to achieve the integrated communication
  • marketing planning
  • marketing budgeting
  • marketing revision
  • marketing implementation
  • client profile analysis

Sales Management

Our sales management services aim to enhance real estate value for project owners through maximizing values, occupancy levels and product quality. Our services run through the entire development cycle from initial concept and project feasibility to the leasing or sales of the completed product and beyond. Our team works closely with designers, consultants, marketers, property managers and project owners to ensure that all clients who purchase/rent the property will be satisfied with the product they acquired.

With more than 20 years experience in residential transactions, our sales management team comprises sales personnel with extensive experiences in various types of transactions. Our team works jointly with the marketing team to develop and refine marketing campaigns to maximize sales/rental transactions.

Media Management

Our team has an intensive experience in managing media for various types of real estate projects as well as other type of products and services.

The main purpose of our media management services is to maximize the transactional value through media design and communication within the given budget. Our services mainly include:

  • media budget plan
  • media optimization
  • marketing material design and copywriting
  • marketing production management
  • media reservation & management


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